12 Creative Tips for Luminar 3


12 creative tips for Luminar 3, a great image processing program that allows users to quickly and easily add advanced effects and filters to images. Luminar 3 now has an extremely useful Libraries feature, making it even more useful.

You can learn these tips by watching my YouTube video below, or directly on YouTube.

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Below is a list of the tips that are in the video. You can click on them to go straight to the specified tip in the video.

Tip 1 - Teal & Orange with Curves

How to create the popular teal & orange effect using the curves filter

Tip 2 - Change Eye Colour

An effective way to use masks and filters to change the colour of eyes

Tip 3 - Coloured Vignette

A technique for creating a nice, coloured vignette using an exposure filter, photo filter and radial mask

Tip 4 - Object Separation

Making an object in a photo stand out using a vignette and a mask

Tip 5 - Make Eyes Pop

Using a curves filter to make the iris in a eye pop

Tip 6 - Light Lamps with the Sun Rays Filter

Re-purpose the sun-rays filter for alternative uses!

Tip 7 - Enhancing Skies

Go beyond the AI Sky Enhancer filter and create dramatic skies using the Dehaze, Structure and Whites/Blacks filters

Tip 8 - Teal & Orange with the Channel Mixer

How to create the teal & orange effect using the channel mixer, and controlling it with opacity

Tip 9 - Smooth Skin

Using a single Soft Focus filter with a mask to make skin smoother

Tip 10 - Create a Backdrop for Icons with Sun Rays

Using the sun-ray filter to create a nice background for an icon

Tip 11 - Teal & Orange with the HSL Filter

Creating the Teal & Orange effect with the HSL Filter

Tip 12 - Landscape Painting

Completely re-colour a landscape photo using photo filters and make it look the way you want

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