Quick Tip! Affinity Photo Master Reset

Easily and quickly perform a Master Reset on Affinity Photo. This tip enables you to toggle on or off some or all of the parts of Affinity Photo that you'd like to reset.

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First, make sure you have a shortcut to Affinity Photo somewhere, such as on your desktop.

Now, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key, and open Affinity Photo. Make sure you keep the Control key held down until the following dialog appears.

With this dialog, you can toggle on or off the parts of the program you'd like to be reset, such as Fills, Brushes, Adjustments, etc. If you'd like to reset the entire program, hit the Select All button.

If you change your mind about resetting Affinity Photo at this point, you can start it normally by pressing the Cancel button.

To go ahead with the reset, click the Clear button and Affinity Photo will start with the items you've selected all reset!

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