Affinity Photo Ripple Effect Tutorial


The following tutorial shows you how to simulate ripples using the Affinity Photo Equation Filter.

While following the tutorial, you can click on the images to view a larger version in a new window or tab.

You can also learn this technique by watching our YouTube video below, or directly on YouTube.

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Click Here to download the resources for the project, which includes the image in the video, and a text file containing the equation.


First, open Affinity Photo. Open the image with File > Open.

Click on the layer to make sure it's selected, and then press Ctrl+J to duplicate it.

Click Arrange on the top menu, and then Flip Vertical.

Right click on the layer, and click Rasterise.

Go to Filters on the top menu, then Distort > Equations.

The Equations dialog will appear.

Make sure we're in the Cartesian coordinate system.

Make sure Mirror Mode is selected on the Extend Mode dropdown menu. This will stop the edges from becoming blank.

Copy (Ctrl+C) the equation from Equation.txt in the download, or from the box below:

Go back to Affinity Photo and Paste (Ctrl+V) the equation into the x parameter box. At this point you should see the effect working!

You can now use the Parameter A slider to adjust the vertical size and frequency of the ripples/curves.

Use the Parameter B slider to adjust the width of the ripples/curves.

Click Apply.

Resize the Canvas by clicking Document in the top menu, then Resize Canvas.

The Resize Canvas dialog will appear. Click on the lock to turn so it is in the unlock state. This will stop Affinity Photo from resizing the X when you adjust the Y, and vice-versa.

Click on the Y box, delete the "px" text, type "* 2", and press return. Affinity will then calculate the new height of the document for us.

Hit the Resize Button.

Select the Move tool (the black arrow icon on the main toolbar).

Move the layer to the bottom half of the canvas.

Select the View tool (the hand icon the the main toolbar).

Select Document on the main menu, then Flatten.

Congratulations, you have completed the tutorial and should have a nice ripple effect on your photo!

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