Lady Godiva : Affinity Photo Editing Tutorial


A three part Affinity Photo editing tutorial. We will take a wonky and mundane raw file from a Nikon D7200 and using just Affinity Photo and no other software, turn it into a dramatic piece of art.

Click here to download the original raw file so you can follow along.

You can watch the videos here on my site, or watch directly on YouTube. Please consider giving the videos a Like, and subscribing for more tutorials!

Part 1 - Watch on YouTube

In part one we will learn how to load the image, crop, rotate and perform basic adjustments.

Part 2 - Watch on YouTube

In part two we will learn how to dodge and burn and how to draw shapes with the pen tool ready for cutting out a background.

Part 3 - Watch on YouTube

In part three we will learn how to cut out parts of an image. How to refine the edges of cut out selections and how to create a nice simple but dramatic background.

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