Quick Dodge and Burn Trick for Capture One Pro


In this tutorial I show you how to create a cool dodge and burn effect really quickly with Capture One Pro. This effect can be used as is, or it can be used as a starting point to continue dodging and burning with masks and brushes.

While following the tutorial, you can click on the images to view a larger version in a new window or tab.

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Open a photo.

Let's start by creating a layer to control the effect. Click the + in the Layers panel to create a layer.

You can rename a layer by clicking on its name. Rename this layer "Brightness".

We are also going to create a face mask on this layer to mask the skin from the rest of the image.

Press B to bring up the mask brush so we can start drawing the mask.

Press M to view the mask, you won't see anything yet, as we haven't drew any mask yet.

Right-click to bring up the Brush Settings.

Set the brush up for painting the mask.

Close the Brush Settings.

Paint the outside of the skin first.

Right click on the Brightness layer in the layers panel and select Fill Mask. The mask will be filled in!

If your photo has any gaps in the hair, you may want to paint the mask in those areas.

Next, we're going to erase the mask from the eyeballs.

Press E to switch to the erase brush, then zoom into the eye.

Right-click to bring up the Eraser Settings.

Using the slider, make the Eraser size nice and small. In the example photo, we've gone with a size of 13.

Paint the mask out of the eye.

Hold space, and then drag with the mouse (pan) over to the other eye.

Paint the mask out of the other eye.

Zoom back out.

You may want to clean up the mask in some areas. Zoom in a bit.

Bring up the Eraser Settings, and set the brush size to an appropriate amount.

Now you can refine the mask, by painting it out around the edges where necessary.

Zoom back out again.

Right-click on the layer in the layers panel, and select Refine Mask. The Refine Mask dialog will appear.

The Refine Mask dialog cleans up the edge of the mask for us. Drag the slider until it looks done. In the example photo, we've gone with a value of 61. Then click Apply.

If you're happy with the mask, press M to hide it so we can see the photo.

Click the Pan icon (hand icon).

Now we're ready for the next stage, which is to add our dodge and burn layers.

Let's create our burn layer. Click the + on the layers panel.

Click on the layer's name to rename it. Call it "Burn".

Right click on the Burn layer, and select Copy Mask From > Brightness. This will copy the mask we created from the Brightness layer to the Burn layer.

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