Ten Top Tips for Affinity Photo Volume 2


More invaluable tips for for Affinity Photo! Some are simple and some are more advanced. All are explained step by step in an easy to follow format.

You can learn these tips by watching my YouTube video below, or directly on YouTube.

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Below is a list of the tips that are in the video. You can click on them to go straight to the specified tip in the video.

Tip 1 - Copy Layers

Copying adjustment layers from one image to another

Tip 2 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Handy keyboard shortcuts related to the clone brush tool

Tip 3 - Teal & Orange with Colour Balance

How to create the popular teal & orange affect with colour balance adjustments

Tip 4 - Picture in Picture

Work on a zoomed in portion of an image while seeing the overall impact

Tip 5 - Adjustments and Selections

An overview of the power of selections and their uses

Tip 6 - Copying Adjustment Masks

Copying masks from one adjustment layer to another

Tip 7 - Colour Picker

Picking colours from outside of the Affinity Photo window! Such as the desktop or another app

Tip 8 - Coloured Vignette

Add some colour to your vignette effects with this neat technique

Tip 9 - Gradients on Adjustment Layers

Making adjustment layers gradually fade in from the centre or across the image

Tip 10 - Shadows and Highlights

What exactly is the difference between a Shadows/Highlights adjustment layer and live filter?

Bonus Tip!

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