Ten Top Tips for Affinity Photo


Invaluable tips for for Affinity Photo. Some are simple and some are more advanced. All are explained step by step in an easy to follow format.

You can learn these tips by watching my YouTube video below, or directly on YouTube.

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Below is a list of the tips that are in the video. You can click on them to go straight to the specified tip in the video.

Tip 1 - Using an image as a mask

Create a mask using an image

Tip 2 - Using other objects as masks

Create a mask using a shape or text for some really interesting affects

Tip 3 - Using merge visible to increase performance

Using a merged layer to speed up Affinity Photo's processing

Tip 4 - Alternative motion blur controls

Breaking the limits of the motion blur controls!

Tip 5 - Loading Raw Files

Loading raw files from newly released cameras, or cameras unsupported by Adobe

Tip 6 - Place Magic

What can be placed with the "Place" command?

Tip 7 - Quick Views

The fastest way to zoom in and out of photos

Tip 8 - Using gradients on masks

A nice effect using a combination of masks and gradients

Tip 9 - Image Select

Creating a custom selection object using an image and manipulating it

Tip 10 - Enhancing shadows and highlights

Using the shadows/highlights adjustment to enhance detail

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