Ten Top Tips for Capture One 12


10 top tips for Capture One Pro 12. Many of these tips will also work on previous versions. But all will work with version 12.

You can learn these tips by watching my YouTube video below, or directly on YouTube.

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Below is a list of the tips that are in the video. You can click on them to go straight to the specified tip in the video.

Tip 1 - Inverting Radial Masks

Take control of masks using the Radial Mask tool

Tip 2 - Optimize Viewer

Speed up Capture One and improve its performance

Tip 3 - Quick Fullscreen Preview

Save time by configuring a shortcut key to serve as an instant fullscreen preview

Tip 4 - Target Colours

How to target and change specific ranges of colours in Capture One 12

Tip 5 - Auto Adjustments

Change capture one's default filter settings when importing photos

Tip 6 - Orange & Teal

A quick way to produce the popular orange and teal look

Tip 7 - Coloured Vignette

Easily add a pretty, coloured vignette to your photos

Tip 8 - Crop Tip

Make the crop tool a little more accessible

Tip 9 - Quick Hide Viewer

Speed up editing qith a "quick hide viewer" keyboard shortcut

Tip 10 - Change Colours

Radically change the colour of a portion of a photo

Bonus Tip!

You'll have to watch to find out what it is...

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